I’m a Dirty Dinosaur Hide and Seek

I’m a Dirty Dinosaur Hide and Seek

Published 2022. Penguin Australia Pty Ltd. Illustrated by Ann James

Click here to see Ann James and I chat about I’m a Dirty Dinosaur. Watch Ann paint with mud!


Speech Pathology Australia - Shortlisted Book of the Year 2023


'I absolutely adore this book and look forward to singing its praises. Is it perhaps the perfect lift the flap book? Quite possibly.' -By Sarah Mayor Cox: Sarah Mayor Cox is an experienced book reviewer and independent commentator on Literacy and Children's/YA literature.


'Highly recommended. Fans of I’m a dirty dinosaur and I’m a hungry dinosaur will be immediately attracted to another story about the little dirty dinosaur, this time aimed at the very young in a lift-the-flap, sturdy board book format. The dirty dinosaur is looking for his friends, Bird, Bee, Frog and Fish, and little fingers must lift the flaps to see if they are hiding behind them. Each double page spread has two flaps, one with the dirty dinosaur’s friend hiding behind it and another with the words 'Not here!' The repetition of 'Not here!' will be enjoyed by children who will love to call it out and useful for beginning readers. The rhyming story makes the book lovely to read aloud. Children’s vocabulary will be enhanced while gaining vivid images of the dirty dinosaur’s friends from phrases like this: Where is Fish? Quick and slippery. Silver tail flippery. Ann James’ illustrations are very appealing. The little dinosaur, with his cute face, cheeky grin and wide eyes prances through trees and flowers, stops by a pond strewn with water lilies and finally can be found making a huge splash on the final page. The soft pastel drawings are outlined with black crayon and minute details like little dragonflies and snails crawling up reeds will intrigue readers. This is a lovely activity book that will intrigue and interest little children. Themes: Humour, Dinosaurs, Hide and seek, Read aloud. ' (Pat Pledger) https://www.readplus.com.au/reviews/im-a-dirty-dinosaur-hide-and-seek

'The dirty dinosaur is back and this time he’s looking for his friends – Bird, feathery and flittery, tweety and twittery; Bee, busy and buzzy, stripy and fuzzy – and all the others. But it seems like they’re hiding from him and the young reader is going to have to think about where they might be in the landscape and lift the flaps to discover them! Rhyme, rhythm, repetition, dinosaurs and interactivity – the perfect combination to engage young readers in endless hours of fun as they tell themselves the story over and over again, and delight in their success as they uncover the hiding places!!! Who can be hoppy, water ploppy like Frog? Or slippery, silver tail flippery like Fish? Once again, links to research and memes about the importance of reading with the very young are doing the social media rounds, and it’s books like this one that are going to be the hook, And, to me, even more powerful than reading a story (1825 if one a day in the first five years; 5475 if you share a familiar, a first-read and a favourite) is offering one that they can then read themselves! This one is a winner!!!' https://thebottomshelf.edublogs.org/2022/08/08/im-a-dirty-dinosaur-hide-and-seek/

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