The Fix-it Princess

The Fix-it Princess

Princess Shona loves making and fixing things. But when her parents, Mum-Queen and Dad-King go missing in a Wing-Thing, a flying contraption she’d made, Shona has to use all her wonderful, wild and wacky ideas to find them, even one including a dragon! A humorous, fantasy chapter book for readers 7+.

Published 2023
Walker Books, Australia
Illustrations by Cherie Dignam

Great Teachers’ Notes and Classroom Ideas:

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This delightful book is full of energy with a bubbly, bouncing main character who will keep the reader wondering what on earth she will do next. The story is full of rich descriptive language as well as whimsical drawings which allow the reader a perfect glimpse into world of Princess Shona. This book would be a wonderful shared read-aloud in a classroom or at home. -

This is an ideal novel that is full of humour for developing readers aged 7 to 10 years. -

I loved this book, and it is a great chapter book for kids just starting to read these sorts of books, and I hope it finds some wonderful readers. Janeen Brian’s stories are always fun and there is always lots of adventure within them – each type of adventure perfect for the plot, the stories, and the audience. And she also manages to capture the whimsy and wonder of imagination across genres and age groups – which is why so many of her books work so well and why I think she has done such a good job writing for a wide range of audiences. Within her books, everything comes to life in unique ways and each story is special with its own message and joy that readers will love. -


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