Yong: the journey of an unworthy son

Yong: the journey of an unworthy son

Thirteen-year-old Yong resents leaving his home in China to travel with his father to the goldfields in Ballarat, Australia. The arduous journey is full of adventure, danger and despair. Does Yong have the courage to face what lies ahead?

Published, 2016. Walker Books.


Shortlisted for the 2017 Educational Publishing Awards Australia

Notable Award (Children’s Book Council of Australia 2017 awards.)

Shortlisted (Speech pathology of Australia Book Awards 2017)

Shortlisted (Educational Publishers Award 2017)


'Beautifully written, with short chapters and a plot laced with danger and daring, this has strong links to the curriculum. . . .Highly recommended for readers aged around 10 years upwards' Sue Warren (losangzopa.wordpress.com)

'We feel compassion for Yong and his countrymen who endured hardship, prejudice, racism and misunderstanding . . . Engaging, well-written and deserving a place in every school library' Grace Nolan (Reading Time)

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